How To Protect Your Patio In The Winter {Tips to Winterize a Patio}

Frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on your patio, so it’s crucial to know how to protect and winterize a patio. After all, you work hard to make sure your patio is a beautiful oasis for outdoor living during the spring and summer months. The last thing you want to do is mistreat it or forget about your outdoor patio enclosure or patio for winter.

Follow this guide to make sure your patio is in top shape during the cold months.

Patio covered with snow in the winter.

How To Protect Your Patio In The Winter

There are several things you should consider when it comes to prepping your patio for winter. If you have a grill or furniture, you have to figure out what you’re going to do with it. Not to mention, you’ll need to know exactly how to get your patio protected. Take a look at these tips to get started and winterize a patio.

  • Move furniture, grills, and plants off the patio. Give it a once over and make sure everything is clean. Sweep and wipe everything down. Then check and make sure there aren’t any cracks. If you do find cracks, they will need to be filled with poly sand or even cement.
  • Seal your patio if it’s masonry. This is vital because as snow, ice, and salt melt sit on it, it can leak into crevices and cause all sorts of damage.
  • Remove dirt, leaves, and debris from gutters and surrounding areas. If you don’t clean guttering properly, then you risk leaks and damage as snow and ice melt.
  • Clean cushions on patio furniture and repair any damage. It’s going to age much better if you take care of it throughout the year.
  • Use patio furniture winter covers when possible. Many commercially made covers are specially made for covering patio furniture in the winter. Invest in some and cover everything tightly. You don’t want snow or ice to sneak inside of the covers.
  • If you have water valves, make sure to insulate them. They will need the water ran out of them, and water hoses should be put up. Winterize them and add winter insulation to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

How To Winterize A Sliding Patio Door

Sliding glass doors can allow lots of air into your home if they aren’t adequately taken care of and maintained. Look over the door and make sure there aren’t any small rocks, dirt, debris, or anything else in the tracts. Clean them and remove anything that doesn’t belong.

If you don’t have weather stripping add some to protect it, this will keep drafts to a minimum around the door. If you don’t have insulated drapes, it’s a good idea to invest in some.

Can You Leave A Glass Patio Table Out In Winter?

Some people will brave it and leave their glass furniture on the patio in the winter, but it’s not the best idea. If you get a lot of snow or ice, you will find that the glass can be broken. It’s better to remove the glass pieces from the patio, wrap them in moving blankets and store them in a garage or shed for the winter months. The last thing you want to do is going out and find a broken table when it’s already cold. Cleaning up is going to be a pain and difficult, which could then cause you or others to get cut from missed pieces of glass.

What Do You Do With Patio Furniture In The Winter?

If you have enough storage space, it’s always best if you can move the furniture to an indoor area. This will be your best defense and keeping it protected.

Wrought iron, wood, and glass can all get damaged from the harsh elements from outdoors. Wicker furniture should always be stored in another place away from the elements. It will damage very quickly, so it’s not a good idea to leave it where water can get to it. 

I highly recommend finding a storage solution if you splurged on high-end furniture. Sometimes placing furniture indoors isn’t an option. Wrap it tightly with a tarp or cover. Periodically, throughout the winter, take a broom and sweep off fresh snow. This will prevent it from all melting right on the furniture.

If your furniture is wood and you opt to cover it with a tarp, seal it well before you do so. This will help protect the wood from mold and other damage.

Protect Your Outdoor Patio Enclosure For Winter

If you are fortunate enough to have an enclosed patio, then there are some things you can do to prepare it for winter. Thankfully, it’s much easier if your patio is enclosed! Just make sure that it’s airtight, everything is clean, and there are no spots that water could seep in.

Additionally, seal the windows to ensure air and water can’t come in. You can leave your patio furniture intact and on the patio if it’s enclosed. No need for tarping or moving the furniture. This will save you a lot of work!

Preparing Your Grill For Winter

It completely acceptable to leave your grill outdoors during the winter. Just clean it up really good by making sure the exterior and grates are all free of grease and debris.

You can easily find some excellent covers that are sturdy enough for leaving the grill outdoors. Make sure you buy one that fits your grill perfectly, and you shouldn’t have any problems come spring.

As you can see, it just takes a bit of foresight to winterize your patio and keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.