Any guesses where the most underutilized area is in your whole yard? It’s the side yard! These side yard ideas will have you marveling that you ever left this space vacant!

There are so many wonderful side yard ideas and uses, but the entire space is often forgotten about. I’ve seen lots of very neglected side yards that have a fair amount of overgrowth. You’ll find once you start using it, it’s a pretty significant piece of real estate.

Take a look at these ideas to get you started enjoying your entire yard much more.

How To Make The Best Of A Side Yard

Many people can’t think of anything to do with their side yard, so they pretend it doesn’t exist. Well, I don’t want you to do that because you’re missing out on so much if you do. These side yard ideas will inspire you to update your outdoor living space and make it functional.

Brilliant Side Yard Ideas

These side yard ideas will leave you amazed! Turn your under-utilized space into something truly spectacular.

Paving Your Side Yard

paved side yard in dallas texas

One great way to add some color and vibrancy to your side yard is by having it paved. Paving the side yard not only looks incredible, but it can also prevent water from sitting against your home and leaking into your basement. Giving yourself a paved area that is functional and looks good will enhance the entire look of your home. It may even increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell it as well.

When you pave the side yard, you will have a solid place to add some additional seating, flower pots, and other things that you want as well. The hardest part is going to be deciding what kind of paved side yard you want. Either way, it’s going to look gorgeous when it’s finished.

Just make sure you understand how to pick a patio contractor before you start.

Add A Shed

If you need some additional outdoor storage space, add a garden shed. It will be a nice place to store your lawn equipment and tools that you don’t have a place for. Another advantage is that it will be out of sight, so you don’t have to worry about an eyesore in your yard.

Just measure the space and pick a storage shed that will fit. Putting in something that is high quality is important because you don’t want it to fall apart too soon. Pick a material that will hold up to weather conditions since it will be in all sorts of temperatures. Once it’s in place, you’ll appreciate all the extra room you have in your garage too.

Put In A Vegetable Garden

There is nothing more delicious than your own homegrown veggies and fruits. If you’ve been dreaming about growing a garden but weren’t sure where to put it, now you have a spot! It’s out of the way, and if you have it fenced, you don’t have to worry about animals getting into it.

You can either add the garden directly into the ground, or you could build an elevated garden. Depending on your space and the size of the garden you want both options would be good. Another great idea would be to build a vertical garden to save space in the area too. I promise you’re going to love having a vegetable garden!

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Play Area

Looking for a play area that doesn’t take up your entire backyard? You can easily add some kid-friendly fun stuff that your children will go wild for. You could put in rubber mats, rubber mulch, sand, or even artificial grass. All of which your children or grandchildren will enjoy and are less likely to get hurt on.

Hang a chalkboard so the children can be creative. Put up a small playhouse, and they will enjoy it for hours. Some other ideas would be to add a sandbox, build a rock wall, or put in a tire swing. The options are endless, and all the kids will love every second of playing in their new special play area.

Add A Relaxation Spot

paved side yard with meditation space

Put in an inviting oasis that you can relax at any time you want. Put in a water feature like a pond or something that hangs on the wall. Listening to water and enjoying the beautiful area are some wonderful landscaping ideas for the side of the house.

Have a place to store yoga mats if you are looking for a spot to get some exercise too. Add plants and flowers so it’s welcoming and a place you want to spend time. When you are able to find comfort in your side yard, you are way more likely to use it on a regular basis. The only bad thing is that once your friends find out you have this area, they are going to want to come over all the time!

Turn It Into A Dog Run

This is one of the easiest side yard ideas! If you’ve been looking for the perfect spot for your favorite pooch, this may just be what you’ve been needing. If you are a pet owner, you already know that dogs can wreak havoc on a yard. They poop and pee, and it discolors the grass, and if you have a digger, that’s an entirely different problem.

Having a designated area for the dogs when they are outside is excellent. Our dogs are our family, so giving their own special place to hang out that’s safe is number one. Make sure there aren’t plants that can make them sick. Give them some toys and make sure they have food, water, and shelter.

Put In A Flower Garden

Add lots of flowers in all different colors, sizes, and shapes. You can even add some potted flowers to give the side yard even more charm. My favorite thing to do is add some bushes and flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Then you will have a lovely area to go and watch them flutter around. It’s relaxing for you, and they will have a welcoming place to hang out as well.

Add a bench or chair to the area so you can sit and enjoy the beauty. This will be so much better than having a patch of dead grass with overgrown bushes instead!

If you’ve allowed your side yard to become a muddy, unusable space, give us a call to discuss paving the space! Upgrading side yards is one of our favorite projects—once you see how great yours can look, you’ll see why. 

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