There are few more enjoyable ways to spend summer evenings than with your family on your paved patio. Try these fun games to play outside for the entire family when you want some homemade giggles.

Living in Texas means warm summer nights, and what is a better way to spend those evenings than outside on your backyard patio? It’s the perfect spot to retreat from the hectic schedule and pressures of everyday life. For me, there are very few things I enjoy more than sitting out on my paver patio (with my beverage of choice), and soaking up time with my family.

While you may enjoy just sitting outside and taking in the sounds and the smells, if you have kids, this is a completely different story. Kids are little bundles of energy that are in constant motion and have a constant need for entertainment. 

Outdoor Family Games Provide Entertainment 

You’ve designed your patio, had it installed, and now it’s time to enjoy it!

When you really want to have a good evening out on your paver patio, set up some fun games to play outside. They will keep the kids entertained if you want to relax…or they will provide the means for a rowdy good time making memories as a family!

Your backyard paver patio is the perfect surface to play an almost endless number of games. When that hot Texas sun starts sinking lower in the sky, take the entire family out for some fun and entertainment.

Ah, there aren’t many better ways to spend an evening when you want to unwind after a busy day.

Fun Games to Play Outside As a Family

The options of games you can play out on your paver patio are almost endless – even if you have a small backyard. With a little creativity and possibly some thinking outside the box, you can enjoy any one of these fun outdoor patio games.

No matter whether you are hosting backyard barbeques, family reunions, birthday parties, or any other get-together, here are 25 fun games to play on your backyard patio that are sure to create lots of laughs and cherished memories.

Little boy drawing with chalk on a paved patio

Chalk Games

Sidewalk chalk is easy to find, affordable, and it washes right off when you want to clean things up. Check out these addictive sidewalk chalk games to play on your patio.


Draw a tic-tac-toe board with sidewalk chalk and have oodles of fun playing for the title of “Tic-Tac-Toe Champion” while laughing and learning strategy through those ultimate no-lose scenarios. 


A game that’s perfect for one person or a crowd! All you need is a chalk-drawn pattern on your patio and a playing piece for each player (rock, shell, piece of bark, bottlecap, etc).

Little girl playing hopscotch on a patio with pavers

Pool Noodle Games

You don’t need a pool to have a blast with pool noodles! These versatile, affordable, and colorful toys are perfect for use as a backyard game tool. The Parents website shows several different (and easy) ways to use those pool noodles to create some summer evening backyard fun. 

DIY Tetherball

Remember playing tetherball on the school playground as a kid? This age-old game is fun for kids of all ages and adults too. Since it takes up little space, it will fit well on your patio and provide endless hours of laughter and entertainment. Learn how to make your own from Old Salt Farm.

Ring Toss

Even the youngest kiddos enjoy playing this classic game. It’s also a winner for any kind of get together you host. Make your own DIY Ring Toss game with this tutorial from Mom Endeavors.

Ring toss game on a patio

Water Balloon Baseball

Baseball (or rather, hitting practice since the balls explode when the bat hits them) has never been so much fun. Baseball and kids go together just like water balloons and kids. Put them all together for a rip-roaring good time right on your backyard patio.

Bean Bag Toss

This fun outdoor game is a backyard classic and is perfect for any occasion. Whether you buy the game or make your own, bean bag toss is fun for the whole group.

Chalk Spray

If you have kids who love to play and write with chalk, make your own chalk spray. Mix up different colors and put them in spray bottles – your kids and the whole family will have a blast spraying their own images. Grab the recipe and instructions at Thirty Handmade Days.

Patio Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a blast! Easy to learn and fun to play, make your own outdoor set like this one from Life Sew Savory for the ultimate family fun outdoor game.


Why not practice dribbling or shoot some hoops? A paved patio makes for a perfect court. Just add a portable basketball hoop and a few friends!

kids finding fun games to play outside on the patio

Bucket Ring Toss

This is a slightly different take on ring toss but still just as much fun – and pretty self-explanatory. Take turns tossing pool diving rings into buckets. Just about any kind of bucket will do (even the kind you get from Home Depot).

Patio Bowling

This idea is genius – and very easy to create! Make an outdoor patio bowling “alley” from 3 trusty pool noodles and bowling “pins”. For your bowling pins, use Pringle chip cans, 2-liter soda bottles, etc. Any small ball you likely already have at home (like a mini basketball, etc) will work as your bowling ball. You can find more detailed instructions on HGTV.

With this great list of fun ideas for fun games to play outside, there is no limit to the number of giggles and memories you can create – right on your own paved patio. This summer promises to be the best one yet as you enjoy family time in your own backyard.